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März 29, 2011

It is the second day after the election in Baden Württemberg and Stefan Mappus resigned as speaker of the conservative party, Winfried Kretschmann speaker of the greens with 25 % said to begin soon and Doctor Nils Schmid joined to say to speak with the greens in plain equal eyesight but he will be the junior partner while the diadoch fights began with the conservatives Tanja Gönner and Peter Hauk for speaker of the party and speaker of the club as Fraktion all of one party in state parliament are called, red and green have four mandates more than conservative and liberal.

There are tasks ahead, the official logo often used in worddocuments are the three deers Schaufeln, I think each candiate must be told the number of votes he or she received and the total, dismissal of former members and invitation of new members so constitution of a parliament is the last task of Landtagspräsident and election of a new the first task of the new parliament, here is the question of the booty.

We have the very urgent topic of radioactive contamination near Fukushima nuclear reactor plant vessel 3 were Plutonium has been detected outside the plant and it is a very heavy element that formed hotspots of 900 000 bequerel per square meter, state of Baden Württemberg has to announce very decided bold steps only there is a territorial base and there are relations, they might draw up a special relations treaty with the province of Miyagi in Japan, as on a lower level cities like Stuttgart have special relations, these are mutual treaties.

There was an occasion of Wolfovitz speaking in EUCOM on special invitation, Admiral Stavridis taking command and Carter Ham for the Africa Corps, outgoing parliament has declarations to give, we have no parliamentarian motions to draw, Kretschmann said his first motion will be initiative for public referendum on the lists of the elections for Stuttgart 21 infrastructure project and this might be a yes or no question on paper.  

So globally there are tasks like the emergency in Japan like war in Sudan and famine state of Baden Württemberg had the right to pass laws, a law is published on paper but like the situation is coordination of state and EUCOM and AFRICOM federal chancellery  recognized the coalition to use the bases for all legitime purposes, there have been 900 sorties from the state of Baden Württemberg and state of Rhineland Palatinate so the first tasks might be to reaffirm the plea in federal court on Länderfinanzausgleich an equivalence system on fiscal resources, the plea is against Bundesrat but both states are US host nation states for Africom and Ramstein and Landstuhl military hospital.