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Februar 21, 2012

Schwäbisch Gmünd

I forgot there is a good biology and medical library shelf in the vintage bookstore so for the review I got Benjamin Lewin Genes VI edition, Oxford University Press 1997 with the bookmark of his previous owner, these are often decreasing the value, for the actual price as new 100.– $ are the sales prize new from a order shop or via mail, the actual prize of a book always depends.

For a rare exemplum there is a treatise on metaphysics in italian language dedicated to Robert Spaehmann, the Heidelberg philosopher who was one hundred years old dedicated to him by a cardinal of the holy seat, you do not know how it was used.

Usually books decrease in value, some rare vintage books increase and as the owner is connected to abebooks, a chain of booksellers for the second market, he might purchase any book, usually he does not…

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Bahnhof Tübingen

Februar 14, 2012

Bahnhof Tübingen

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Februar 3, 2012

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