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Volunteering on Bantayan island

Dezember 30, 2013

Cheap Bearded Life

Hi there, people!

I just came back from twelve days in the Philippines, to volunteer on the beautiful island of Bantayan by rebuilding a high school there.
This has been one of the most interesting, fun, sociable and touching experiences that I’ve done in my life!

I’ve been enrolled with Young Pioneer Tours, a China-based tour company who mainly arranges trips to North Korea. Some of the YPT tour guides launched this project, as individuals and not in the name of the company, to find people able to help rebuilding schools there. We’re not speaking about an NGO or a big organization here.

In a few weeks only, the Young Pioneer Disaster Relief team is totally functional, running on the ground, with approximately 50 volunteers coming to help during a 2 months period, and 11’000 USD out of a 30K goal raised to cover the costs of tools, materials, and…

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