Continuing reading Nipperdey history book, volume 2 is about military and bureaucracy in imperial Germany, so before 1914.

Real history is he wrote from a perspective of Munich about Berlin 85 years ago, we read the Munich papers after the editor retired, so real story is the new editor is an economist, but the backlog and backlist may be the best in german history in well produced softcover titles.

We take this.

Actual archive work in Munich not achieved, so we do not know the personal archives of Nipperdey who was an opponent of Hans Ulrich Wehler in Bielefeld, the social history.

Also 4 volumes of Heinrich August Winkler available, in print and at amazon but not this library, we guess why.

Mass production of books is the last development, computerisation an unassessed matter for microsoft standard is not becks production technology, here we have the quality difference in mind between a office 365 copy and a H. A. Winkler book both equivalent the value of 50 € but return on investment or simple monopoly of production lines are mysterious, simply you do not know the implications of windows 10 in advance nor the performance nor the real questions when the 250 year anniversary copies are on the market.

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