I am afraid I have to admit there is a wave of right wing violence in Germany then for more as ten years I frequently visited the internet callshop and this meant with the owner who mostly had call per minute I always heard persons in the poor sector talking as they used voice call this is I have a Language comprehension but not always understanding and working and texting under stress is for the reader, I mean I want to express myself but others express in different ways and there are children, money, jobs, Africa, Asia, I read an accountant of Bank of America who was dusted in 9/11/2001 died of stomach cancer means we had not a testimonial recorded by July 4th, we exchanged impression on Watkin Glen august 1977 to Princeton from Uptown New York to New Jersey, it is a wounded soul may not heal.

Germany has these souls in Eastern Germany, reflections are economy and labour market, globalization and digitalisatin are more and so, language studies are important for the spoken word, real comprehension of other is even more.

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