So gentrification and social discoherence are a reality and also among the international joint funds NATO had american and german funds bundled together until before 1990 housing had been renovated according to NATO standard, actually we have a parity of US $ and € so, so there will not be more funds, while area of responsibility was Schwäbisch Gmünd to Kitzingen, they never crossed east of Nuremberg, or Bayreuth, most convert projects were treaties and some are 1000 pages, so now you will have a 1000 page business or defence handbook from amazon, it is 10 €, the ledger is balanced but also who got access to any of the housing and electric installations on a certain time since 1990, we remember the gulf war Kuwait when material was deployed by railway, this was the end of american presence and also developping for kaufkräftige Klientel means the actual turkish speaking middle class, the PX was for sale and since then actually german beef of high quality is sold there when there was Jack Daniels before and for all the cooking and quality food blog the reality is no better quality in town and professional quality assessment, it is not cheap bulk, it is the best on the market though producers on land produce beef as we do for the old farm, ana actual family needs 1 kilo and a cooler, refrigerator but best quality is there may be two weeks dry aging, he has the cooling devices.

So for one quarter we had  exchange of population of 90 % american including german spouses that often are 80 years now in the states to 70 % turkish, it is the middle class and 30 % german russian of Kasachstan, it is real, for cheaper housing until they could build  their own houses in more remote villages, reality if for languages reasons bird of a feather unite.

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