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Oktober 9, 2015

Continuing Manfred Hiltermeiers Excerpt for the history of Russia, we lack for this simple program just write on google chrome the real accent program, so ever, just write and store in pdf.

Oktober 9, 2015

Current refugee situation is unclear so here we had Jörg Armbruster a reporter of Aleppo who linked to an anesthesist in Aleppo hospital and for the arabic website awful operations they need propofol, the medicament known from the Michail Jackson case it is a clinical anestheticum Armbruster knew before he was evacuated to share a small seminary here in the library were Barbara Armbruster had her college of design and art and communication, here the Hochschule für Gestaltung.

Then we have the news about Syria more with Suleiman Taufiq he is an interpretor and translator mostly from german to arabic so the current constitutional failure they need a constitution and laws but translate lyric and romance is evident, only after severe evident videos of operations without anesthetics they demand propofol this is an Android application, close to an arabic language television channel.

First we might cling to our methodology here in this library but also from this city were fotographs were a hundred year old technology the shop has a Nikon J4 in white and orange and black and another SONY A 77 and a Olympus it is elegant retro, might be used anywere in the world.