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August 31, 2016

Modernization means we have a certain amount and the maestro card, we buy eee book of ACER in Taiwan with a processor new at 64 Euro here a One Core 2 GB usually programs as software need processing we say the software runs through a processor and it is before software processing the functions then implementation and it we can install a software like polaris office we write, the text processing is the purpose of software, we store locally or on a dedicated server, this day the last day of August in 2016 we memorialize 77 years ago the war in Poland began software were Hollerith cards and fine mechanics for a census in the USA, later for the Tübingen Reutlingen area Jaquards were used it was a strip of paper and encoding so the mechanics of factory could decode the weaving, today Brasil her her object during the interrogation of president Dilm Roussef she had a costume and florals weaving are the Jaquards of France the ornament der Lilien was encoded into the weaving fabric of the Blazer, we simply say, textile design is pencil on Transparentpapier, the political side is winning without the dresscode, actually we mean Reutlingen lost its appeal and competitive edge,  tailors may process either the fabriks of France including the lilies or the CIM side is mass production laser cut and Vernähen are computer processes when a customer like Dilma may choose the tailor made, made for the person in her actual size and complexion.

A One Core 2 GB is very cheap there were local protest 1983 a village and a farm did not have electronics they used the Olivetti instead, for September 1 st we may use the Dell Core i3 and a Atom