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September 23, 2017

It is a good day before the elections so the band played Aloisisus inner city at the staple of Saint John we call Johanniskirche so the districts inner city will receive cards with their district and roll number next to further notice Klösterleschule the Werkschule is under construction and voters may call into Parler Gymnasium room 14, new gothic new classicism the outer districts Friedensschule, Maria Kahle Schule, Rauchbeinschule, all according to the databases but as the relevant topics are refugees all in general not in distinction with Poland, with Hungary, with Slowenia, the chancellors information book named decisions which is literal of Hillary Clintons decisions and his Gerhard Schröders financed by Carsten Maschmeyer into albanian, russian, hungarian and the Sout corean language by Kim, Aloisius will turn his head and cry and notoric Norbert take over, of course never seen in this library as he preferred to ski in Lech am Arlberg after the votes are counted, we also turn to Bohumil Hrabal a true advocate for the absurd and the skurill emphasis of czech bureaucracy. Alisa my student rode to the main train station, we write the election calls but were is the man who was mentioned in the local press before christmas in Parler Gymnasium, she never may have seen any of the candidates and it is 45 years fron now when the candidate Däubler Gmelin pregnant was under a group of students who wrote on the client Dogan Akhanli, say 45 years from then she is still writing to improve her pension, she visited Grenoble before to write there is a database, so new Turkey can issue a  warrant for Spain and it is executed by incarceration without habeas corpus, assuming a judge in Spain may read the turkish language.

So elections are great they only vote between Basel and Frankfurt/Oder Germany is so small they could cross it F 14 in three hours, between Lahr and Jagel, 80 000 000 persons live there were this pensioner thought there are new invented databases for the group of 20 nations about 2 000 000 000 as 2 billions individuals and and they issue warrants for about 1 000 the rest is illiterate.

September 15, 2017

Ein ausgezeichnetes Angebot bietet Foto Schweizer für robuste Outdoorkameras in den Herbstütmen und Orkanen ist die Dichtigkeit des Gehäuses eine Präzisionsvorgabe wie Bildzentrierung und mechanische Festigkeit.

Wir haben Markenbotschafterin Anastasia zu Medion und Talk wie zur Performance vor Foto Schweizer und Transcend gebeten, Stuttgart hat für S1, S2 und S3 die Clips erfolgreich übertragen.