Copyrights law regulation in the European Union got a majority so the case of Daphne Garuana in Malta for blogging need further action as the owner of was registered as a individual in Malta and the government sold passports with biographic ID to High Net Value Persons, the passports are valid for the European Union, so what to research is a legitimate case of United States law, or a past case, involving the leaks of financial institutions called the Panama leaks or the Malta leaks, is it about capital and money or simply, made a difference if ownership of livejournal and yandex is Russia or wordpress is San José California, the case of the blogs was followed when her son resettles to Bruxelles Belgium close to the headquarter of the European Union soon as terrorist attacks were a the open air market Strasbourg France, the ban mile of the parliament not affected, was it Malta status of british english or was it menacing of journalists and blogger after research for reporter without frontiers, being the owner of a home office does not protect while the regulation is a translation of english as a official language of the European Union, last votes counted 329 : 302 Westminster, all Parliaments may have majority counted according to the proposal, we cannot change that, still there was US copyright law according to fees to US Copyright clains with office, Silversprings Maryland, no serverowned had the obligation to pay US copyrights claims in any destination in Europe, we seem to have a open case and we have a new law according an majority in Strasbourg, under presence of Gilets Jaunes and after criminal investigation and after the terrorist killed in counter fire to CRS France Federal Police, this was copyright related only as we saw Germany daily tabloid BILD reporting the case, it is not technical nor political, they may report a case of Strasbourg or report cases of Hamburg when images are reprinted, these cases are images are digital raws, printed into a newspaper, the technology is following copyright and factory related skills, they also may report the day.


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