Am Gehweg sind Markierungen mit der Spraydose angebracht daher die Grabungsarbeiten im Zusammenhang der Fifth Generations Licenses for Fibreglass transmission with field related mobile transmitters in 1800 Megahertz Range, we have to rewire the offices with Application Services Providers, the auction was running for T com, vodafone, telefonica and 1&1, for a fibreglass we had a repeater in the street and the girls travel, meanwhile the messenger choose a Bosch electric assisted bicyle, his assistant complained for her travel route from Ukraine with Eurobus customs searched for pork and officially there are visum free so while the messenger recovered from an accident she took the tour, then a real murder case occured eastern part of town q 58 year old stabbed the suspect travelled to Lithuania which also is the route of Eurobus the cases are open as also 13 000 murder cases are on OSCE investigations of Vienna and Parlamentarische Versammlung des Europarates but also regulation into the Parliament of Europe.

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